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Ching Hai

“The things that people cannot do without everyday are firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea.”
–Phrase coined in the late Southern Song dynasty.

That phrase hits home. In our daily existence, we definitely struggle cooking if we don’t have these in our kitchen and pantries. More often, we take these essentials for granted with the rise of fast food and ready to eat meals. However, having these essentials will help you understand the value of creating and cooking good food that you can share with family, friends and acquaintances. 

Whenever I think about how the Chinese culture influenced our own Cebuano culinary history and beginnings, I cannot help but marvel at how seamless Chinese influence can be seen on Cebuano food. I am no stranger to the Chinese cuisine, as someone who was born from a Chinese-Spanish family on the paternal side. It was not until I was in my college years that I found out about our Chinese ancestry. All the while, I believed that we are a Spanish family that adopted a Filipino surname. Digging up on our family tree was like a treasure hunting activity, as I discovered we had Chinese blood and ancestry in our veins. That, among others, explains the reason why I total love Chinese Food. (Preparation, Cooking and of course, savouring it to my heart’s content). 

Before I left for Great Britain, I had always enjoyed dining with JPark Island Resort and Waterpark’s dining outlets like Abalone and Ching Hai. My first encounter with Ching Hai was from the time the resort shifted from Imperial Palace to Jpark, some few years ago. I was amazed at how the restaurant had an inviting and warm, auspicious aura, making your appetite soar up the roof, literally. 

Dining with Ching Hai is always a different experience every single time. I remember when I first visited it, the allure of the senses captivated from the interior design of the restaurant, the significant use of the colour Yellow attracts not only visually but also heightens the palate of an individual. It was like I am whisked back to centuries past during the time of Emperors and Empresses ruling the majority of China, taking foothold in the famous and controversial Silk Route. My favourite dishes from Ching Hai before was both the steamed and fried Dim Sum (Shrimp Balls and Siu Mai). 

Savour the best Classic Cantonese cuisine that will suit everyone’s palate from the most discerning to the most adventurous ones. Celebrate life’s precious moments and milestones with Ching Hai’s private dining halls that can accommodate all types of gatherings. After all, gatherings are made special with a warm cup of loose leaf tea. 🙂 

Ching Hai is part of the 10 restaurants that is being managed by resort’s new Vice President for Operations and General Manager, Mr. Brian Connelly. He had been working across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and USA’s most prominent hotels and resorts spanning 40 years of professional career. He is the perfect person to fill in the role of managing the resort’s chain of restaurant outlets. 


Snaps from the Opening of Ching Hai 

Ching Hai
Present during the re-opening of Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark’s Ching Hai Chinese restaurant were resort general manager Brian Connelly (center), director of sales and marketing Anita Kim (4th from left) and director of revenue CK Mangapis (2nd from left).


Crispy Chili Beef served in a noodle basket


Almond Crab Claws


Dining Hall
Private Dining Hall – Ching Hai


Dining Hall
Dining Hall – Ching Hai


Photos posted with Permission from The Freeman | Ramon Suarez Taguchi. Read here for the entire story 🙂 


Ching Hai is Making Waves in Cebu
On August 15, 2022, Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark Mactan Cebu’s opened the doors of
its Chinese restaurant, Ching Hai. Its name, literally translates to “Blue Ocean”, was aptly
chosen as the restaurant is located within the water park. “Ching” which means blue,
represents the wood element in Chinese culture, depicting growth and optimism. “Hai” means
ocean, its vastness and endless possibility of teasing your palates from mild and fresh to well-
seasoned and robust taste to bring out the natural flavors of the dish.

Ching Hai is open to serve classic Cantonese cuisine for lunch and dinner, seats up to 100
guests. It houses eight private rooms for exclusive family or corporate gatherings, and intimate
booths for small groups. Guests are welcomed with a fresh, warm cup of traditional loose-leaf
tea the moment they sit down in the restaurant. Ching Hai is open daily, except Thursdays.
They are open for lunch from 12:00 nn to 2:30 pm, and dinner from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Ching Hai is one of the 10 restaurants under the helm of the resort’s new Vice President for
Operations and General Manager, Brian Connelly. He has 40 years of restaurant experience
across prominent properties in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and the United States, which makes
him the perfect role to lead the country’s 5-star family water park resort. (PR)


For Press Inquiries And Contact:
Kate B. Biol
Marketing & Communications Manager
T: +63 32 494 5000 loc 5293 
Sales and Marketing Department 
Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark, Mactan Cebu



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