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As the chaotic world takes you to the brink of insanity almost every single day since the pandemic started, I leaped and made a step to a healthier and more sane environment and mental well-being. It is not easy to work on the frontlines in this pandemic, and true enough, it is very difficult to keep sane and function to your optimum when you’re bombarded with stress.

As the pandemic continued, I had been able to get inoculated twice (Pfizer BioNTech) courtesy of the NHS, and being an employee for the NHS, we had been given the priority to get the jab. Ever since I had been in this country to work as a Registered Nurse, I had been receiving regular jabs (vaccine shots) for various reasons — seasonal flu prophylaxis, Hep B booster due to needle stick injury (a patient scratched me and left a scar on my left arm), and now, for the COVID19.

Everything has been overwhelming, prompting me to take steps to make wellness a priority. I had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and high cholesterol back in 2019 and had been an asthmatic since I was 10 years old. I remembered back in college when I had to succumb to nebulizations and inhalers, as well as it was constant trips to our Respiratory Consultant. It was tiring and a bit expensive. So this led me to then harnessing the healing properties of Essential Oils. So what are EOs?

These are natural oils typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted. At this point, essential oils are only used sparingly and are usually added to liquids such as water to be diffused, or added to a carrier oil to be used in massages, or being used as it is in small, concentrated amounts.

So as I then decided to start concocting my own signature blends as I found this relaxing and calming, moreover, helped me achieve a balance in my mental health. These blends are all but my own blending, and I have tested this on my diffuser at least 3 times before deciding on the final make and blend. After all, it is through these blends that I can express my artistic side, and also, through this, I can express my feelings and ideas. Although not everyone may agree with me on this as someone who is bombarded with stressful events, I seek solace on these blends so that I may attain clarity of thoughts.

My base for the blends is usually 5 drops of Essential Oils mixed in at least 200 ml of water to be diffused. The names for all my blends are derived from Japanese words and phrases since for me, it evokes a different sense of calm and purpose.

Here’s a tip:

  • Make sure that you clean your diffuser every after diffusing these blends so that the accumulated oils on the bottom of the diffuser will not clog.
  • Always make sure to use distilled water or at the very least, filtered water when using these blends to avoid/ minimise any unwanted dirt, bacteria, and microbes that might develop in the water. Principles of Asepsis must be followed.
  • Have a diffuser break. After each blend has finished, refill the diffuser with water only and diffuse. Chances are, there are still some oils left on the container so it then helps it “clean” the receptacle, and also, it will emit a gentler scent.


If you are interested in learning more about how my blends help me and how to get that right blend for you, don’t forget to contact me on the details below:



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