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This pandemic has been the bane of our lives, as we had never expected it to be. When the pandemic started, we are still in the phase where we are uncertain, where we are frustrated and we are stressed. However, we must see the silver lining in every situation. 

As such was the case, my silver lining moment came when I had an unexpected Annual Leave that was granted last year but totally forgot about as I was busy doing hospital work as a Nurse fighting in the front line with this pandemic. It is quite awkward for me to travel on the new normal, with facemasks and all, however, it is the only way I can minimise and avoid the risk of getting infected. It may be not a good idea for some, but, I find travelling as a respite for a troubled soul like me. 

So off I went to London, again via train ride. From Bury St. Edmunds, I had purchased a ticket via the Trainline App, a very helpful and cheap way to travel all over the country, as well as nearby areas. All you need to is download it either from the Play Store or from Apple Store. Create an account, then add your card details. It’s fast, safe and secure. And it is convenient as it can be accessed on your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere. So my trip was Bury St Edmunds to Cambridge then to King’s Cross Station in London. It was a good 1 hour and 45 minutes [or so]. When I arrived, London is not as busy as it was back then in December 2019, long before the pandemic. Back then, during my first visit, I was a bit scared and lost in trying to find the way out from the train station. It is a busy city, and people from all walks of life had been milling around and getting on with their business. I, on the other hand, was fascinated on the fact that amid the chaos and pollution, London is still lovely. 

I then traveled to Ate Gina’s place in Holloway Road, Camden Town in Northern London. It is a good 20 min [or less] bus ride from the train station. As with all travels here in England, the buses are accepting cashless payments, making it more convenient and hassle free. Tapping your card on the reader is quick and easy. 🙂  Anyway, as I arrived at the flat she is in, I met her husband, Paul, and we then had a sumptuous dinner. After dinner, Ate Gina and I decided to walk around the city to burn off our calories. I don’t really mind as I am used to walking around and still, there are other areas in London that I haven’t been able to explore especially at night. It is refreshing and made me see London in a new perspective. 

London has always been a hub of commerce, trade and travel as well as high fashion, food, culture, history and religion. Here, a lot of things converge at the same time. London has also been a setting of many monarchs and dynasties, as well as castles, museums and parks. My favorite was the National Gallery however, I haven’t been to the Natural History Museum as it was closed. 

Back in December 2019 when I first came round, I was really amazed by the fountains in Trafalgar Square as well as the Victoria and Albert Museum. Who wouldn’t marvel in it? I definitely did! I even was dumbfounded at the Westminster Abbey [where the Royal Family are being wed]. Yep, you heard that right. This is where they are married. But, strictly, it is a NO PICTURE TAKING ZONE inside the main cathedral. You may only take snaps on the side corridors. 


This year, I had been taking the liberty to post my snaps to remind me that this opportunity may come only once in my life and I may never pass the same path again. 

Here are some of the snaps I had taken when I was exploring London. I have always been grateful for whatever curve balls and hurdles I face. It is a reminder that I am human and that I am capable of rising above it like a Phoenix [yeah this is a mythical creature, I know. But, it symbolizes rebirth in many cultures].

As we were walking, I noticed that the place is just brimming with culture, history and so much life. Some say London is unsafe for solo travelers, however, I find it comforting and relieving. 

Hopefully, all will be well soon as the dust settles from this pandemic so that I can travel and explore again. And also, take snaps on things that matter most. [These snaps are courtesy of my Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G. The other photos from earlier dates are using my Samsung Note 10 Plus 5G]. 

As an afterthought, choose happiness and choose to live the life you ought to live. Do not be fazed by whatever people will say and may say about you. It’s their word against yours, but, cherish the life you have as you will be only able to make it right one time. Choose to love like it is your last. 



10 Replies to “Rediscovering London Before the Second Lockdown”

  1. London is definitely on my bucket list. Always wanted to visit Westminster Abbey and look at all of the tombstones especially those found in the Poet’s Corner. Just the vibe of London is eveything.

    1. Yes!!! I was able to see that corner during my visit pre covid! kaso, di ako nakapag picture kasi nga, mashadong mahigpit sa loob ng Westminster Abbey. Unlike the York Minster na unli photos, Westminster is totally no photos zone. Kainis!

  2. I’ve always fantasized visiting London and riding the red double decker buses with a Brit talking to me in that distinct accent. Brits say that the double decker, like the fish and chips, is a national symbols of England. I would have to agree. It’s very British.

    1. London is one of my dreams to travel and visit! Lucky of you Maam for able to step in the famous London tourist spots. I am so envy with your photos. Keep safe always and Stay well ❤️

  3. Oh, after becoming a WHOvian, I’ve always dreamed of visiting London, too. I love your photos, too. I am glad that you are able to find time doing what you love, too, despite the pandemic. I agree with you — indeed, choose happiness and choose to live the life you ought to live. Looking forward to reading more of your travels! Keep safe.

  4. JL! I love your narrative! Yes, it is truly challenging to be in the frontline not to mention the stress, anxiety and all. I am proud of you of having the strength and courage to serve! Your journey is very inspiring, and the photos, too! Take care, JL!

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