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A journey of a thousand Li begins with a single STEP.
– Confucius

Coming to the UK was beyond my wildest dreams and fantasy. It never occurred to me that I will be living and breathing in the United Kingdom. It was all surreal and mind blowing. It has been a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Actually, I never thought I will be able to adjust on the grueling 14 hours or more flight from Manila to Dubai then to Heathrow, London. Though the flight via Emirates air was pretty long haul, the economy class was just like the typical local airline flights in the Philippines. The only difference is, in flight meals were definitely not what I expected. IT was sumptuous. (Though admittedly, I have an acquired taste for Mediterranean cuisine.) The first in flight meal from Manila to Dubai was a sandwich, water, juice, butter, jam and fruit. The meal tray comes in with a moist towelette to wipe yourself off. The succeeding meals also are in full course.

Also, the drastic change of weather from Manila to Dubai was a pain in the neck. IT was freaking HOT!


Spending GBP (British Pounds), converting time zones, making yourself familiar with the sights and sounds as well as getting to know your way around. I had the surprise of my life when I was taken to Beeton House (our own accommodation) inside the hospital compound. As it is summer here in the UK, the flowers are in full bloom. It is a refreshing sight to behold! I am also overwhelmed with the hospitality and warmth of the Filipino Community who had prepared food for our house warming.

For the first week here in  Bury St. Edmunds, I would say I spent A LOOOOT on food. I had this penchant for good food with the freshest ingredients. Shopping at Waitrose was both good and bad. Good, since I am able to get all that I need for my provisions. Bad, since I actually spent more than I should be spending (imagine spending 151 pounds is like spending PHP 7900 for groceries alone. Well I got what I needed though, no regrets). IT is like shopping at very high end shops in PH (S&R / Landers /Rustan’s). Though, there are times I crave for fast food like McDonald’s or BK, I still find it more efficient to cook at home. I think I am a chef in my past life, as I am really comfortable working my way around the kitchen. Adjusting is an understatement. It takes guts and sensibility to actually get the hang of being in the UK. Timezone adjustment is another struggle for me. My circadian rhythm hasn’t adjusted really well yet and with my DM Type 2, I have to take all sorts of medication just to keep that sugar at bay. Lucky for me, I have supportive flat mates who never failed to remind me on my medication timing. It pays to have fellow Nightingales on the flat. Walking around town was also refreshing. IT made me open my eyes to the current set up of the county I am in. It was like walking back in time to the early Victorian era with a side of modernism!

Our first activity with Cohort 10 (our batch name) was exploring the nearby field which we learned was named Hardwick Heath. We were following a forest trail that resembled a foot path inside a large open field patch and we noticed greens all over. IT was refreshing for all of us who had been used to the Philippine set up of smoke, dust, pollution and all things dirty. We were in awe of the place!


Living in Bury St. Edmunds really made me realize that there are advantages of taking life in stride, of letting go of the negativity that enslaves us from reaching our full potential. You see, back in Cebu, I had always faced obstacles and challenges head on, jumped from one job to the other but again, there is vulnerability that I had been . I had been fortunate to experience a pretty much fair weather when we arrived. This is a big risk to take, and as an #Adventyurista myself, I am constantly seeking new adventures and experiences. The weather is the exact opposite from where I came from, and in all honesty I do love the cold weather here. But, I will be a hypocrite if I say I do not miss the sunshine and warm weather, too. It’s just that I do not miss it that much. 🙂

Did you have that certain feeling that you need to get out and explore more of what the universe has to offer? I did have that, too! And look where my curiosity got me! Always get out of your comfort zone and never be afraid to take risks. That is the only way to know if you are ready or not! Anything that you need to share with me? Let’s talk! 🙂

More of my adventures, soon!


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