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Cebu City, Philippines — Sugbo or Cebu is a multifaceted city known for its world-class beaches, historical landmarks, rich heritage, and urban development. There is nearly nothing you can’t find in Cebu and because of this it has maintained its position as a leading economic driver for the country. As the seat of Christianity in Asia, Cebu has come a long way from a coastal community with a rich Malay heritage and culture and a predominantly trading community. However, as with most flourishing cities, the urgency to battle congestion and traffic is an increasing challenge. One development that endeavors to ease this problem is City Di Mare. 

City Di Mare is the biggest mixed use development inside the special economic zone South Road Properties. The 50-hectare of land along the east coast is a model for thoughtful urban planning with its signature green and open master plan. The uniquely designed township is Filinvest’s take on building a sustainable central district in the Queen City of the South. Like South Road Properties, it was built to provide a new a location for investors to expand and for economic and lifestyle activities to thrive but on a more concentrated and nature-centered level. “City Di Mare is a new niche for business and leisure that ultimately focuses on improving the quality of life. Here, we are presenting a new way of building a community wherein the overall experience and well being of its end users are at the heart of the master plan and where city congestion will not be the end result.” says Filinvest Alabang Inc. VP for Township, Don Ubaldo.

City di Mare has highly benefitted being a joint venture project with the government. With South Road Properties’ well-planned transportation system and road networks, City Di Mare’s refreshing locality is easily accessible. Its seaside site has also allowed it to have a 24/7 resort-feel that easily emanates in the whole development making it significantly unique from other CBDs.

City Di Mare’s core principle, More Space, More Choices, More Life, stems from Filinvest’s building ethos of generating more long term value through intentional open spaces. Thus far, City Di Mare has stayed true to this as 60% of its development still remains dedicated to infrastructures that enhance the outdoors and human scale experience. Well-maintained public parks, pedestrian lanes, and jogging and biking paths are spread out for public use while wide roads for vehicles are equipped with an up to date traffic system. Every place inside the development is easy to get to and in most circumstances a pleasurable walking distance. For years, the development has deliberately maintained its lush and breathing surrounding with multiple spaces still left for future innovations and changes.

City Di Mare also began as a blank canvas wherein anything was possible but Filinvest had a clear live, work and play concept. To execute this, key landmarks were strategically placed to help shape the township’s inspirational lifestyle. For example, representing the residential phase are two palatial condominium offerings: Sanremo Oasis and Amalfi. Both Italian-inspired mid rise buildings offer spacious living spaces with unobstructed views of the Cebu Straight and the mountain ranges. Much like vacation places, both also house rest and relaxation amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center.

A more iconic landmark is the lighthouse at Il Corso lifestyle mall which represents the vibrant commercial area of City di Mare. In the evening, the lighthouse is a striking vision to see while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. Il Corso’s patrons will be happy to know that more shops will open in 2019 including a state-of-the-art cinema.

While these so called landmarks cater to the live and play concept, a dedicated area is still available for businesses to branch out in the coastal region. Here, owners and employees will have the advantage of working in a low density area replete with nature and breathing spaces.

Like Cebu, City Di Mare was built to cater to every need. May it be for business or leisure, City Di Mare is ever evolving to adapt to changing times.



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