Frizzy hair has always been my issue. My curly locks usually get tangled and it gets hard to untangle them especially early in the morning. I could recall having a struggle fixing my hair when I was still a nursing student back in college. IT was more than hell to make my curly locks be tamed and follow my brushed up styling that would end up in a tight bun.

When I graduated from college and started working, I had my curly locks straightened out just for the fad. Later on I realized that my hair lacks the luster it used to have, it became brittle and somehow, it thinned. I was shocked and was worried that I may have Alopecia.

As a mountaineer, I also faced certain instances wherein I cannot shampoo my hair when we have multiple day climbs. If we get lucky, we have a nearby falls that we can bathe on but still, wont have the chance to shampoo the hair. As such, I am used to having excessive oils, dirt, dust, and sediments on my already fragile and frizzy hair.

Luckily, I was able to find these hand crafted, organic and sulfate-free soaps from my good friend and fellow lady mountaineer and artist, Christine Faith Lopez of Tindaraga. She has been passionate about having zero waste living as well environmental protection. She is also an artist that teaches mandala making to kids and adults, too. A humble crafter that has love for Nature, she has been my soul sister since 2015.

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🌸 SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO BARS 🌸 (Specially formulated recipe by @cfaithlopez) 50g- P100 each Buy all 4- P380 If you're on a journey to living a zero-waste lifestyle, making a few tweaks to your beauty routine should be a top priority and be eco-conscious. For one, opting for a solid shampoo can significantly reduce the use of plastic in your routine because you won't have to dispose of a bottle every time you run out. There can be naked alter ative to literally anything and everything in your shower. Ready to make a switch? Ditch the plastic shampoo bottles and switch to eco-friendly & zero-waste shampoo bars! These sulfrate-free & eco-friendly shampoo bars are personally formulated hand-made by yours truly, with carefully picked all natural scalp & hair-loving oils (jojoba oil, argan oil,castor oil, and avocado oil) and coconut-based suds. They come in 4 variants: 1. Green (peppermint + tea tree)- Peppermint provides a fresh cooling sensation. Tea Tree Oil’s natural properties soothe and balance scalp irritations and help cleanse build up on the hair. 2. Yellow (lemon + bergamot)- Purifying and balancing, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils work to reduce scalp build up and excess oil – adding shine and condition. 3. Blue (lavender + rosemary)- this fortifying benefits of lavender and stimulating scents of rosemary gives balance to normal hair types. 4. Pink (rose + chamomile)- from this solid foundation restorative rose absolute, chamomile & rose essential oil balances the scalp making this bar particularly perfect for setting fair hair soft and smooth. Each 50g bar can replace a large-sized shampoo bottles and can last up to 20-30 washes, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. For orders, please feel free to send me a message. #ecofriendly #allnatural #SLSfree #organic #zerotrash #zerowaste

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Her shampoo bars actually made my hair softer and very manageable. It also has a great smell even when it is dry already. I enjoyed using the shampoo bar (small ones) and it lasted for almost 30 days (around 25 days) due to thickness of my hair. Also, due to decades of using sulfate laden shampoos,  my hair is adjusting to the restorative effects of the shampoo bar. Kilig to the max! 🙂

Also, when she mentioned that she is making conditioner bars and healing salves, I didn’t hesitated and ordered as well!

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Jasmine. That's the hallmark scent for this small but powerful conditioning bar made by @cfaithlopez of @tindaraga arts and crafts. I am having a very sensitive and frizzy, dry hair. This is a result of more than 2 decades of using hair products that are full of sulphites. When I decided to go #AlmostZeroWasteLiving and doing a #ZeroWasteLifestyle, I decided to support my friend's craft. Using this bar is like bathing with Jasmine Oils and flowers. It made my bath time not a chore, but a gracious activity to look forward. Due to my hair's thickness, I am now down to my 3rd bar. Not shown here is my tandem Shampoo bar of Lavender + Rosemary. It helps my hair become soft and tames curls. Though I still get frizzy baby hair, I am amazed how the shampoo + conditioner bar made my natural curls flow freely and lightly. More of my story on how I switched to going green on my blog, soonest. #ViajeraCebuanaAdventures #productreviews #TindaragaXViajeraCebuana #LNT #EcoLiving

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When I got the conditioner bars, I was shocked. I didn’t expected to use a jasmine fragrant and calendula with marigold flower infused product. It is a welcome addition to my bath rituals. This is actually a good way to wake me up when I still feel sleepy when I step into the bathroom. For one, it made my hair soft and silky, as well as it made my hair strong. Leave it on for about 2 minutes then rinse it accordingly. Aside from that, it doesn’t leave a sticky feel on the hair and will let you style your hair accordingly.

Since both of the products are wrapped in a minimalist and eco friendly manner, it lessens the occurrence of trash since you can somehow re use the papers used to wrap this. Coincidentally, these products are wrapped with recycled paper too.

I just felt that I had made Mother Nature some service when I started using artisanal hand crafted shampoo and conditioner bars and reduced some carbon footprint and single plastic waste pollution. It is a win for the planet and for my own self. I know, it is an investment but still, it is worth my hard earned money. This move to stop using commercialized products is a big decision, since using artisan crafted products are not necessarily cheap, but the plus side is, you are able to help the crafter sustain his or her craft, utilize local ingredients and also, help sustain the creative musings of our local artists.

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