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Lately, I have been subjected to undue stress from friends, family, career and life in general. It had me shaken to the core and left me, for a time, lifeless. Life has been a series of unfortunate events that need to be adapted well. Coping is not enough. I had been depressed ever since I had been out of the island life, though I am still located technically in an island. I had been in a whirlwind of events that somehow contributed to low self esteem and low morale.

Captured by CJ Estrada of Four Eyed Laagan Blog.

I was close to seriously calling it quits when I chanced upon an invite at the Pinoy Travel Bloggers Facebook Page. It was an invite to spend an overnight stay in one of the resorts in Cebu North. Initially, I had hesitated on the invite posted by Aleah of Solitary Wanderer Blog. I know I had to take a break from all the stress and try to find myself in the process. Days before the trip, I was in Manila for a mountaineers’ conference at UP Diliman and also explored a part of Daraitan where Kuta Bungliw is [narrating on a separate blog after this]. It was a fulfilling trip and made me forget for awhile how I crushed I was emotionally on recent life happenings, but that’s another story altogether.

Admittedly, I felt mixed emotions when I learned that it was in Bunzie’s Cove. I knew right then it was what I needed. When I took my IELTS exam the first time, I vowed to take a break after I got my results. Sadly, what depressed me was that my results had a failing mark. I found ways to have it recounted in the hope for a change on the result. But the painful waiting time made a depressing trail on my already stressed soul, not counting the money I had to spend for the exam and the recount. Also, the pressure from family and friends to get my UK job process going is just too much to bear sometimes.

At this point, when the final list for the bloggers to stay at Bunzie’s Cove was already revealed, I was happy to learn that my friends Christoeffer John Estrada of Four Eyed Laagan Blog and Glister Soccorro of Chasing Potatoes Blog was with me. Also, finally, I met with Aleah  Taboclaon (whom I only had the chance to communicate online) and Carissa Bongalosa of Uber Expensive Blog / Island Trotters BLog, a new found friend.

New Discoveries, New Friendships Forged

When I first met them at a fast food, I was delighted and we clicked like good old friends. Beth and Janet from Bunzie’s Cove are very accommodating. Though I didn’t had enough sleep, I was surprised to see Aleah and some familiar faces [CJ and Glister]. I was also glad to meet Carissa. We instantly clicked and talked like we knew each other for the longest time.

All throughout the trip, I had a great time conversing with them. Somehow, a piece of me is being fixed with the way we are conversing. This is the first time I attended a blogger event where I am able to heal some parts of my very self. I should say, I am in a very depressive mood with the latest news of my flunking grade with IELTS. I know I had made effort with the exam but then, there are things that are not conforming to what you need and want.

This trip proved that people from different backgrounds can definitely form a bond that is strong enough for us to enjoy and get to know our very selves better. Never did I have a dull moment with the #BunziesCoveGang.


Glimpses into the house. I wonder when will you come and sit with me?

Bunzie’s Cove: How It Became A Beach House

The Villa where we stayed. Source:

Bunzie’s Cove is a family owned beach house by the Chen Family. At first glance, you will notice how the owners wanted the house to be a haven for artists and creatives. They made sure that each nook and cranny is Instagram-worthy! When I went inside the house, I notice a big wooden door and the rocks and shells embedded on the pathway and the main landing. It was refreshing to the eyes, for someone who is into rustic and seaside-ish accommodations.

The sea breeze greeted me and caressed my hair when we settled our things. We decided to tour the entire property. I was perplexed and amazed on how the whole area was put together in harmony. The paintings on the walls and the way the different art pieces where arranged made me feel at home. I was battling depression and the sway of the sea breeze and the whispering wind with the varying hues of greens amid blues calmed me down. Even the color scheme on the main villa was so soothing. I found myself wandering in between the silky curtains in the dining hall and settling on the main window that has been ornamented with capiz shells. The wood carving on the windows also got my curiosity.


In its trails and footpaths, I found myself walking and wandering. This is just a mere indication that I am trying to find myself again amid chaos and discord. The sound of the waves are comforting. When we reached the other end of the property where another beach house and the pool are located, I was lost in the artsy interiors. I had a penchant for doors, and when I found myself passing through portals, I would always feel I am transported into another dimension.

The gentle lashing of the ways also made me calm and relaxed. Even if the resort had another beach house that resembled a duplex type near the pool, I would always feel at home with Mother Nature at the eco accommodation that is intended for divers. Beth narrated that the owners also wanted to help the local fisher folk community, thus, allowing most of them to place their outrigger canoes in the space in between the original property and the newly acquired beach house. There is a cove that allows you to see the blue hues that extends over the horizon.

Moving around the property, I envision myself to live and spend the rest of my days in a similar place. The seas and the greenery provide a positive effect to my tired and wary self and soul. I felt at peace and comfortable. The first day was in fact a great way to revive myself. I was able to forget about my miseries and depression. I had laughed a lot, smiled often and made sure that I spend ample time savoring the ambiance of the entire property.

Through this event, I am able to slowly list the following realizations:

  1. It is OKAY not to be OKAY. Breathe!
  2. It is important to take the time to face the seas and absorb the positive ions brought by the sea breeze.
  3. Letting go of someone may be painful, but staying on a no label relationship is much harder. Or assuming that you have a relationship is much disappointing.
  4. Never beg for attention and love.
  5. Never ever run after the one who got away. Reserve some self love.

There are other realizations I had during the stay. I will narrate it on the second part of this blog series. For now, let me leave you with this:

Loving someone is the best feeling anyone can have. It can also be the worst and most disappointing feeling that will leave you in pain. I had been through numerous heartaches. We also have our own goals and aims in life. Sometimes, not all of the time we get what we want in a relationship. Often times, we are so engrossed in giving the best for our significant others but at the end of the day, we lose our individuality. Hopefully, in the pursuit of our happiness with our loved one, we would not forget to value of our own selves primarily.

Part two next! 🙂



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